Ground fault monitor


Fully cast in epoxy


In most industrial environments, ground faults can cause serious damage. As these ground faults are inevitable in almost any industrial environment, Controlab Inc. offers you effective solutions to help you better target them.

Our ground fault monitors enable you to easily and quickly find the source of the fault before a major problem occurs and damages your equipment. This is the IFT-120, designed to assist you in rapid identification of ground faults. Three other models with various options are also available.

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IFT-120 by Controlab INC

Technical sheet of Ground Fault Monitor (IFT-120)

Once a ground fault occurs on your electrical equipment, our IFT-120 and IFT-24 monitors automatically turn on the alarm LED and will initiate its relay. The normally open or normally closed contact of our monitor can be used to report the fault to your PLC or to take any other appropriate action (stop the motor concerned or activate an audible or visual alarm). The monitor will remain in alarm mode until the reset function (reset) is activated. If there is a total loss of power to the terminals of the monitor, this will act as a reset. The alarm will remain activated as long as the voltage is present. Even if the fault disappears, the monitor will remain in alarm mode until completely reset. This function allows you to quickly and accurately identify where your fault is located.
▶ High-quality design
▶ Two (2) year warranty
▶ IFT-120 – CSA and UL approved
▶ IFT-24 – CSA approved
▶ Fully cast in epoxy
▶ 2 inches CT included
Supply voltage: 120 VAC
Operating Voltage: 120 à 600 volts
Operating frequencies : 50/60/400 Hz
Current consumption
Resting current consumption: 3 mA.
Alarm current consumption: 15 mA.
Response time
4 preadjusted: 30 msec., 100 msec., 1.00 sec. and 3.00 sec.
Current detection
4 preadjusted: 100 mA, 300 mA, 1.00 A and 3.00 A
Output contact: Relay
Contact rating: 30 VDC / 250 VAC – 3.5 A
Contact types: 1 open (N/O) and 1 closed (N/C)
Option RL-Kit: NEMA-4X Remote Light
On request: Custom CT
Also available with 24 VAC-VDC supply (IFT-24)

Easy installation

The IFT-120 ground fault monitor is fully calibrated in our laboratories and therefore delivered completely ready for operation. Installation takes about 10 minutes per device and can be carried out by anyone. Watch this video to learn how.

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Controlab products (phase imbalance detectors, voltage detectors, ground fault monitors) are sold through a network of distributors and OEMs covering all of North America. For questions or comments about Controlab products, please contact us.

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