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Controlab’s primary objective is to help you to ensure worker safety, by mitigating human errors, such as incorrect voltage measurements, poor voltmeter configuration or simple distractions.

That is why Controlab is at your side throughout the process, offering the expertise of our professionals.

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Evaluating your needs

An expert will study the specifications of your situation and make sure to have all relevant information required to assess your needs.

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Finding specific solutions

We will prepare a list of potential options and choose the one that is most effective and best suited to your situation.

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Design and manufacturing

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Adapting our existing products to meet your specific needs

Do you know the potential costs of a phase loss?

When a failure occurs, calculations cannot include only the cost of repairs

Purchase of a new motor or compressor
Dismantling and relocation
Losses or production delays

Missed orders during the repair
Delayed shipments
Collateral damage
And more

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The Controlab team will be happy to answer your questions or guide you in your choices. Our experience and expertise is at your disposal.

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