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The JSC-88W Is a very reliable way to establish, with certainty whether or not there is voltage present downstream from the switches
or breakers during power-offs. It dramatically increases the safety of personnel assigned to maintenance work on electrical equipment
powered by three-phase voltage. As long as voltage is present downstream of the breakers, one or more (LEDs) on the JSC-88W will
stay lit. A simple visual inspection tells you whether the electrical system is in “Zero Energy” mode. In addition, this new device has
been improved to allow resistance to transient voltage (voltage spikes).

The JSC-88W’s small design allows for direct installation on the door of the switch board, the starter or the control panel.

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JSC-88W by Controlab INC

Technical sheet of Voltage Detector – JSC-88W

The new JSC-88W can be used at temperatures as low as -55° Celsius. This new device has also been improved forincreased resistance to harmful transient voltages in industrial environments. These transients, which are increasingly frequent nowadays, can seriously harm electronic devices. Designed specifically for outdoor applications, the JSC-W is equipped with components that can withstand temperatures as low as -55 °C. Our device has been tested in a climate chamber located in a specialized laboratory in order to better meet the needs of our customers living in northern regions. The warranty for this detector has been increased to 5 years.
▶High quality design
▶Five (5) years warranty
▶CSA certified
▶Fully cast in epoxy
▶High sensitivity
▶Easy to install
▶NEMA-4X version (standard)
▶High brightness LEDs
▶Protective cover is included
Works under three-phase voltage
Operating voltages: 120 to 600 V
Operating frequency: 50/60/400 Hz
Maximum current consumption: 1.9 mA
Minimum temperature: -55 °C
Resistant to transients: More than 10 kV
Dimensions: 72 mm × 51 mm × 26 mm
Included: standard 4-foot KIT-K6 voltage step-down
upon request: Single-phase, bi-phase, ungrounded DC

Easy installation

The JSC-88W voltage sensor is fully calibrated in our laboratories and therefore delivered completely ready for operation. Installation takes about 10 minutes per device and can be carried out by anyone. Watch this video to learn how.

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